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It had so much potential.
Fun under the stairs with two of my favorite players <3
Under the stairs, and spotting a friend.
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Goodbye original look. Goodbye alakol mansion.
Goodbye Trisor. Goodbye grapes.
Goodbye (but not forever) to my amazing friends!
Goodbye epic blowout parties with strangers.
Goodbye Glitch, by far the best game I've ever played!
Goodbye dragon
Goodbye Krystal Kaos
Goodbye bed that I only used for jumping.
Goodbye wall of "rares."
I'm as big as a Rube potato!!!
My little heli kitty! :)
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Goodbye, sweet Glitch, I will miss you terribly!
strange times, indeed
Sleep sleep cute kittie. The end is near and you don't need to...
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Rook Attack!!
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yummy! crispy chicken!
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I think this is the only snap I have with my craftybot. I did...
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"You are the song that the morning brings"... dancing...
Club Cosma
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Ice and Gingerbread~
Taken by Genkimama
Only in Glitch would a swimmer meet a talking train in hell
Stoot crashes our roleplaying game; apologizes because we can't...
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