Zarnia's Snaps

Can't believe I got the house party badge!
Always wondered how people got up here. This is an obligatory...
Esquibeth leaps to destiny...
I ended up making a 3rd floor in my house and decorating a bit....
I learned today I can stand on my house. I'm declaring this my...
I am a mountain climber.
Glitchmas Love!
Ok frog, I got my item in the mail. You can go now... Please?
Nope, I don't think there is.
More new places! Very unsaturated places.
I love the first visit to a street the most.
Invisible House Party!
Yay, found one of the streets I missed on my locations count! 1...
I has one.
I really wanted to visit ALL the places.
Ah, these were fun times. Long, frustrating, but super fun times.
Happy Zilloweentermas!
Is my crop garden accepting donations?
Oh, there it is.
Ever feel like you're missing something?
...who left this invisible platform here?
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