Carl Projectorinski's Snaps

Steamy pickle.
I never was any good at paying attention to lectures.
Looks like Lummi Island. I keep saying this!
Just posing for the light.
Stray barbacle. I think it is out of its element. I shall name...
Enjoying the view while I can.
Part of the UP crowd, now.
Slumming it.
I really love how someone has left my herb garden. It goes so...
Better composition.
My jacket matches the stars!
We just need one more.
Hot tubbing.
For my scrap book.
On the peak of Zug Zug. It's like living in a naughty word.
Woah, it's like Naraka on Urth!
Sleeping, not purring.
This is my rower face!
RAWR-Oof! Stupid stalactite!
Wait'll they get a load of me!
Ssh! There are batterflies out there!
This street is just incredible.
Google: "Sunset Chuckanut Bay"
Trying this street out for a while. It doesn't look like MY...
I feel like I've been hanging out in orbit too long, just waffling.
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