Shadow of Sorrow's Snaps

Symmy got stuck in a bubble ;o
What an interesting place...
No comment
Locked in o.o
Jail ftw <3
Im such a jerk at times!
glitched at mieches 3
Glitched at mieches 2
Glitched at mieches
Watching shoki's awsome TV ^_^
Stalking this chick :D
Gardening at Shokis
My favorite quest! <3
Perhaps it was for the best.
Why did i leave my homelands of icy wonder?
Where i grew up as a glitch <3
Sym died on the 2nd floor, His heart containers betrayed him xD
Dont ask dont tell.. o.o
Hoarders episode 1 - Symmol
Stalking Shoki, dont tell ;x
First of TS too get an icon <33
Prepping dinner.. ;)
Good times with Cookie <3
Bloody part of hell <3
3rd Level of Hell