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  1. koolaroo

    Thanks for this wonderful game I will keep playing to the biter end. Of course by play I mean afking like normal :D

  2. snarkle

    We are sad but being the silliest we can be at the same time.

  3. Cefeida

    You know that next time you make something shiny, we'll be there with bells and octopus hats on.

  4. fuzzbuzz

    It's been an amazing journey nothing is ever going to come close to what was achieved here,so much hurt going around at the moment,I wish all of you all the luck in the world with your future undertakings,I live in hope that one day Glitch will rise again as I am sure are thousands of others,here's to making the next few weeks in our very special little world the best ever..

  5. GreyGoose

    Hugs through cyberspace, stoot. Oftimes, being super busy helps one process grief. That was my case anyway. I became manic when my husband passed away--there was so much to do, so many demands by people grieving themselves. Sure, I could barely sleep let alone eat, but family and friends helped me finally establish a "new normalcy". It took time. The hype-activity, I think, allowed my sub-conscious to cope with my great loss and to adjust to a life without my beloved husband/best friend. And life went will yours. Onwards and upwards through "the river of sludge" (Jackie Kennedy)

  6. bored no more

    I'll say the same thing that has been said to me and others- do what you need to do. <3

  7. Wynella

    Oh captain, my captain, coule you, would you reverse the loading game vid? So it's populating the world again, instead of depopulating it? Please? Myself and a couple of other folk think that makes the game a lot more difficult to enter the world, because it makes us so emotional all over. It's srs sadsauce. I know you're really really insanely busy, but I'd hope it'd be a quick fix and I think it would help a lot of people feel somewhat better about going in game. Also? {{{hugs}}} <3

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  8. Lady Cailia

    I just hope that you'll leave the possibility open to set this project up again in the future. Someday, maybe, if the opportunity presents itself. Just a wish from someone who not only loves this game, but also wants you to be happy and achieve all of your dreams.

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  9. Firestone1960

    I too, have found myself barely able to enter world, it is sad, and it will be missed...I know you are sad and disheartened Stewart, but, you have to look at the the good ~ and the fact of the matter is that your dream, your Glitch, was too soon for this world as we know it...I believe you should keep all the work and in the future, bring Ur out, blow the dust off and introduce it to the world ~ I know it will fly then...I know I will be there with bells on <3 (oh, and during these next few weeks, Stoot, be sure you take care of yourself)

  10. Tilly

    We all feel so sad too but time will help us all including you and let us all know if we can ever help you test anything again ! Take care xx

  11. Sadie the Goat

    Hi stoot, I feel for you and your loss more.. I just want to take this time to thank you for letting me experience and be apart of this crazy-surreal-super-fun-rad-game. It truly was the greatest online game I have ever played! With an awesome community and staff. Wishing everyone the best! xo

  12. Purplemajick

    hugs to you Stoot & all the Tiny Speck's, I'm so glad I got to experience this amazing game, thank you for sharing it with us... Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family & all the Tiny Speck's out there & to the amazing community this game has brought together.... hugs

  13. RaceEend

    I don't exactly know what is happening in your life right now. But what I read it's no good. So hereby I want to wish you all the best and happiness. Sadness in ones life is never any good no Mather who you are.... Take care

  14. MonkeyPantz

    The best way to solve this issues Stoot is not to close the game. You can thank me later for helping you with your issues :)

  15. Faereluth

    Try to make it back in game Stoot, all your friends are here and wanting to share with you their love for this amazing game. I'm not eloquent with words and I can't take away your pain but I can hug you, I know that hiding fron tears only deepens the sorrow so get your tutu n top hat on come join us, We love you Stoot help us heal by taking the first steps with us. ((Stoot))

  16. armi

    try to find time every day to do at least one of those fun things in the game you have led in imagining

  17. Arietty

    from the moment i first came across the page with the message that glitch would soon be issuing invitations and to 'sign up' I was hooked. Thank you to you and all your fabulous staff for bringing Glitch into the world. I know that any game i've played since then has been measured against Glitch and sadly they all come up wanting in one way or another. You've set new benchmarks for so many aspects of gameplay and community, the interweb just won't be the same without this fantastical escape from the humdrum We lobe you guys...!

  18. Bachjess???

    Hugs Hugs Hugs Hugs Hugs stoot. Glad you'll be online more. We all miss you. Thank you for this labor of love, this incredible experience of how life should be: if we were all a bit nicer and caring towards each other in the world......Just like we've seen in Ur, then maybe just maybe there would be fewer wars. Thank you for this experience which I will treasure always. *hugs* stoot & *hugs* all :D

  19. Aliera

    I just keep reminding myself that as hard as this is for me, as a user, it is a hundred times harder for you. I have found it too sad to log in much myself, but I've been keeping an eye on people's updates, and the boards, and I'll be around for the Final EOTW, but I totally get not wanting to be around much. Hang in there. And if you're ever in Detroit, I owe you a bar full of drinks.

  20. chilirlw

    It's always a better Ur with you in it, Stoot!

  21. Theremina Lute

    Oh, stoot! It is so sad. Keep reminding yourself how many people your work has affected and how much joy you have brought to players around the world. Thank you again.

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  22. Ayasta

    That's understandable. This game meant a lot to many of us players, but also to it's creators just as much. Thanks for giving us this fantastic game and I look forward to whatever Tiny Speck may come out with in the future. Take it easy big guy, and if you need a cry, I hear my story makes quite a few people's lips quiver with sadness. Please take care. <3

  23. RoboYeti

    All my emotional bear hugs and high fives for you, dude. Thank for the greatest online experience of my life.

  24. Pale Queen

    On the one hand, I'm reluctant to add to all the chatter -- I know how exhausting and distracting it can be when you're overwhelmed. But on the other hand, I want you to know how much of a joy it was to play the game and to "meet" you. We'll always have Arisi Amble!

  25. flask

    stoot, it's been an honor to play in your game. some days it was the thing that got me outta bed in the morning. you go and rest as you need and PROMISE us that you'll let us come play in your next thing when you do it. i have this crazy hope that after you rest and recover there WILL be a next thing, and it will be awesome.

  26. OMG BACON!!

    So THATS what was missing! I was wandering Ur for the past week, wondering why it was so quiet. Then I realized my chat tab which I use to follow you (its has been open for over 6 months) was a dull shade of grey. Its been that way for a while, and then I wondered if Little Poundcake really had killed you after all, stomping all over you with her piggy. (Long story.) So I deco'd your street a bunch, but the noobs hanging out there grabbed it all(their bags are ENDLESS, man!) So I chased them away by splanking them off your street. No noobs when I'm around there so far, but I'm waiting for you to accept my facebook friend request. And no, your email is NOT on your profile! Come on soon, I'm so bored, I have to hang out with all these people who never sleep. EVER. And they have two eyes. I mean, how weird is that?

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  27. Mal'akh

    It has been an honor and a pleasure playing your game with you. I hope to be able to play games with you again in the future. Now, if you will excuse me I have to run after OMG BACON!!! and save some piggies. *grabs torch and pitchfork* What? Oh these are... not for OMG BACON!!!. Promise.

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  28. Miss Melody

    Stoot, reading that made me cry, you have created the best game ever. Just so sad it has to close, I shall never forget Glitch, you and your staff. I didn't think that anything could take my heart like Faunasphere, but it did Glitch. Thank you as well for enabling us to take photo's, so we will have lot's of memories, all happy. Thank you as well for the beautiful new places just finished discovering Samudra, such a pretty place, the colours are fantastic and lots of bouncy places. I remember I used to wait up just to see if that dreaded red closed sign had gone, kept on refreshing the page, till it went. Fb kept us informed, like a grapevine. We still have our Faunasphere Glitchers page and now we have a new page to keep in touch with all our friends, old and new here. We hope to find another game we can play together, BUT that is going to be so hard. If you ever and I hope you will, I would love to be an alpha player again for your new game. Thank you once again and my butler Cedric informed me today that you were imagined 20 years ago, so this is too wish you a very Happy Birthday as well. xxx

  29. Barthel the Bard

    I know you're busy stoot--and it has to be even more heart-breaking for you than it is for us. Glitch is an amazing achievement--even more so in the classy way that Tiny Speck is handling the closing. Other companies would have simply shut down the servers without notice. Instead, you're giving us time to celebrate and grieve. My hat's off to you. If you're ever in my neck of the woods, first round is on me.

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bored no more

I'll say the same thing that has been said to me and others- do what you need to do. <3

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