Status update
Li'll Missy Brenda

Call for alpha testers! Glitchen Welcome! Mage Faire will be beginning alpha testing within a few weeks and is in need of our assistance in alpha testing. Sounds promisingly to be very "glitchy" in many ways. There is already a thriving community of Glitchen in the forums and the devs are quite involved and a bit quirky like our dear beloved TS devs. This is NOT Glitch, nothing ever will be again......but it is a possible new home for our lost and wandering Glitchen souls. Please take a moment to read through the forums, faq's and blog posts, I'm confident you will find it very reminiscent of our dear home here. I hope to see many more of my Glitch family turn up in Mage Faire, I miss you all so much! Mages, Please sound the gong and spread the word, Tnara_the_Wise is ready and waiting for our assistance. ;)

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