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Papa Legba

I've been looking for a replacement for Glitch, like everyone else, I've been playing KoL which is fun but I can only play for maybe a half an hour a day due to the adventure system (currently in hardcore and a boozetefarian so my adventures are sorely limited). Playing miramagia but it's kind of lame so I won't be on it for long. There is nothing like Glitch :( I guess I'll have to experience the real world, make art and go to the gym. Those are my RL escapes.

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4 replies
  1. Carl Projectorinski

    Do you have a place where you share you art? I'd very much like to keep in touch that way, if you do.

  2. Osiris ?

    Bollocks. The real world is bollocks. Unless you're talking about the show. That show is awesome XP.

  3. Ooola

    yea... same here... I'm trying to bring some Glitch into RL. Just found a hand chair for sale online.. no joke.. gonna call about it tomorrow. hahaaaaa How could I pass that up? Papa, do you have a website or a Tumblr for your art?

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Status update

what art do you make?? soooo curious!

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