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Do you know how impossible that is? The amount of money required is astronomical. Stoot said that they would require the amount that has been donated to the art book, but they would need that much EVERY SINGLE DAY. That totals up to $41,642,850 a year. We definitely can't afford that.

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  1. bumblepuppy

    The remaining core TS team is working on a yet TBA non-game product, hoping to leverage their database skills into a new product not unlike what they did last decade with GNE becoming Flickr. The rest of the Glitch team got laid off in November and many have already moved on.

  2. Ann DramaDuh

    41.642 million dollars a YEAR? Even if Glitch got 500,000 players, they would each have to pay $84.00 a year AND never cancel. That's a very tall order.

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