Status update

I asked on the forums about whether "My Stuff" will remain & LP replied. "The current plan is to leave all of the avatar sprites up on our servers. However, you will no longer have a "my" anything on the site, so you won't be able to access that handy page that gives you all of the corresponding links. You will need to know the link to find the image." ~~>> BOOMARK your MY STUFF page! :) <<~~

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Status update
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  1. MaryLiLamb

    Genki, I think your page is: I took my page url and substituted your info but I can't see it.

  2. Talia True

    on your home page hun, where it says "We have bad news..." in a yellowy box, is a blue link that says "Click here for your personal archive". That link is your "my stuff" page. xx

  3. Genkimama

    Thank you, both :D Turns out I didn't have Genkimama where I wanted her, anyway, so double thanks!

Status update

Oooooh, thank you!!!! *hugs the stuffings out of the answer lady*

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