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Innie?, Obviously

What is the most creative and witty thing to put on a college resume stating that "I love to do Math, all the time. Its all I love in this world?" Help!!

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Piece of Serenity

There is beauty in math that is unsurpassed by anything in this world and yet it is everywhere and in everything.

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  1. Innie?, Obviously

    I love that! I put that on my son's college application as his quote! Thank you Piece! He said "THAT IS PERFECT!" (He does math for fun, all the time)

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  2. jerk nugget

    for years i worked at a publishing company for mathematicians and as such was exposed to some really in depth complicated...stuff. but the beauty of it was...just that. there is an unmatched aesthetic along with and endless string of beautiful metaphors within it - a crazy world of awesome. i miss it.