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Anyone still here? I miss this game horribly. I've been diagnosed with Hyperemisis Gravidum and I haven't found anything as good at distracting me as this game was. Bah.

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6 replies
  1. KitchWitch

    hey sweets, still here! I've been crazy all along (have yet to be diagnosed with that particular disorder) and yah, other games leave me feeling floaty and not invested. I'm glad Glitch cut us loose when it did cuz I was SO invested, but yah....feeling a tad lost and aimless myself without all the goings-on of glitch. What will we do?

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  2. Zany Serendipity

    Oh, I had that.... my sympathies. Thankfully, you know it will end, but it sure is miserable. Best wishes and I hope you find some relief. I stop in once in a while, but rarely post anything... it's been way too difficult for me. I still cry when I think about Glitch closing. =(

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  3. Mal'akh

    Heya tortoise gal! Sorry to hear about the sever nausea, but you do know that it really sounds like the name of a Glitch street. ^_~

  4. Audaria

    Is this pregnancy related? I had hyperemesis when pregnant with twins. It truly sucked, but eventually got better and then I loved being pregnant! Congrats if you are expecting! and hang in there, it will be worth it!

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  5. Princess Fi

    So sorry you are going through this, it will will will end (have been there) and you will have joy :)

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Status update

We're still here!

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