Status update
bored no more

I don't know about other people, but I plan on staying around as long as the site's up

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7 replies
  1. Mal'akh

    I know I am as well. :) I hope they keep it up longer than the end of the year. Maybe turn it into a Glitch forum (have a topic in the Ideas forum for it).

  2. nightwatchman

    I expect I'll be around here in one form or another :)

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  3. kastlin

    Well, of course! There are all those snaps my friends have taken that I haven't downloaded yet. (And I didn't see a "bundling" option for snaps I've "liked" -- only my snaps.)

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  4. LitaPie

    They'll have to physically remove me from my computer to get me to stop visiting the Glitch site. I'm going down with this ship.

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Status update

me too ;)

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