Status update
MX Ghostie

I've just gone round to visit the streets of a number of people on my friends list, with a bit of food and a goodbye note. For as asocial as I've been in Glitch (and even though I was on the friends list badges list for a while), I still amassed a fairly long list (for me). I primarily visited names I recognized, and left notes reminding them of the time we met.... It hit me in the middle that I'd never gotten to know any of them well except Christine (I'd never even visited many of them...), and now I probably never would. I just want to say, to all of you, thank you. Even if we were essentially strangers, the time I spent in Glitch was better with you in it. <3

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Status update

(((MX Ghostie))) I have nothing but love and gratitude for you. (Yup, cornball to the end, I know ;) Glitch wouldn't have been the same without you. Thank you <3

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