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Carl Projectorinski

I need a good 2D platform jumping game to fill in that gap. I probably wouldn't play it more than once a month, but occasionally I just need to explore a set of new screens mindlessly enjoying the graphics. I'm pretty sure there's a game making kit out there I could plug graphics into... TO THE GOOGLE!!!

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5 replies
  1. Carl Projectorinski

    OK, not like I have time to do this, but I'm checking out this game engine as a possibility (seems appropriate):

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  2. Osiris χ

    There are dozens and dozens. I can't think of any off hand, but le Google will point you in the right direction.

  3. Wynella

    Milmo is a platform jumper, but it's 3D. It's free, you might want to try it. Very minimal combat so far for me. Jumping, collecting qu... er.. coins & gems. Figuring out puzzles. Get your own house and there are avatar clothes..

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Status update
Rook via Gigafide.

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