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Random personal note: I was applying to dental schools this year, and I thought there was no chance I would get even an invitation to any of them. I saw an email and thought it would be yet another rejection (like the other 7 or so I've already received). But it wasn't. Yay! I don't have anyone other than my family right now to share this with, so I'm telling you. The button does say "Share with my friends" after all.

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8 replies
  1. Ann DramaDuh

    Yay! And if dental schools require the same stuff medical schools do, I'll be happy to assist you in writing any of the many mini-essays asked for.

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  2. Asthner

    Glad to hear it! Have a good and productive time while at it. :)

  3. GreyGoose

    Whoo Hoo! What a great way to start 2013! Congratulations and good luck. *does the happy dance*

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Status update

Hooray! Congrats!

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