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  1. KitchWitch

    I like cunning plans...count me in. *dresses in her cat burglar suit and makes ready*

  2. kastlin

    Why does this make me afraid? You know, in the same way I feel afraid when my hubby says "I've been thinking..."

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  3. Carl Projectorinski

    It's gonna take a little while to set up properly. It's not going to be a game. It could be a total fizzle. But... Yes, everyone's invited. In time. I've done a bunch of world building in the past 20 or so years, and it's time I start polishing it off in public. But, I don't have a heck of a lot of time to do it, so I'm making the rules simple. It's gonna be based on a game call 1,000 Blank White Cards. More later:

  4. Mocha Maid

    I can find you a turnip or two - Baldrick might be more difficult!

  5. Amythien

    So many Black Adder fans.... I'm so impressed that I'll do my best Hitler/slug-balancing impression for all of you.

  6. natsumi

    I shall desist from making a pinky and brain joke, because I can see this is serious.

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  7. gilbert whisper

    I simply ADORE cunning plans! *Bounces in chair in anticipation of the cunningness*

  8. Mal'akh

    Will glitchmail you my contact info because I like cunning plans.

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  9. Virginia Moon

    As cunning as a fox who's just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University?

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Status update
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