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Crying doesn't help . . . nothing seems to . . . and . . . I am left feeling that I failed Glitch . . . that I didn't give enough, worse the tiny speck of light I am holding onto seems fragile and I fear losing it. That makes me want to hold onto it tighter rather than let it go. Why let go something so beautiful so unique, I can see the game is gone but the ache in my soul . . . it just hurts so much

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7 replies
  1. Cassandria

    Fae, you gave so much! You gave fun and pleasure to all of us with your creations and imagination. You made Glitch as much as it could be, and I really appreciated that, as did many others. Keep holding the speck of light, maybe if we all keep holding it there will be a miracle! Sharing the hurt with you. :(

  2. cinnamom6

    Hello, I don't know if you remember me or not, I am one of the lucky Glitchen that was able to take a ride on the SantaFae. It was glorious fun and then to end up in the heart of Nottis and receive a handmade gift from you was really special. It will be a memory of Glitch that I will always carry with me. I can't imagine what it is like to have played as long as some have and now have it gone. It is amazing how attached I became only playing since September. I can't remember laughing as much and or just having a good time as I did over those few months. The Glitchen I met in Ur were helpful, carrying, and fun loving. The art work, sense of humor, and wit superb. I miss everyone and will never be able to forget Ur and all the Glitchen. Especially the Glitchen like you.

  3. kastlin

    You don't have to let it go, Fae. You just have to move it out into the real world. I'm not saying that's easy, and I'm still trying to figure it out, but I do believe it's possible. {{{hugs}}}

  4. acro, obviously

    Aww. You DID give so much! I'm well aware of you even tho we never 'linked' up in Ur. I always smiled seeing your name, and your art. You were a wonderful presence in Ur and I have to agree that nothing but good can come if you spread it outward to the rest of the world. You're not the only one still crying, hon, but don't feel hopeless.

  5. chilirlw

    Aww, hon...everything that lives, dies eventually. Not a thing you could have done. But just as good things come to an end, there are always new good things waiting in the future--you will see, I promise

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Hugs from me too. I feel your pain...

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