Status update
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  1. Voluptua Sneezelips

    One of the best examples of what made this game--and the players--so amazing.

  2. Addi Bee~?

    *flails* I was looking for this to post in Live Help once. It's my favorite ever thread.

  3. Wynella

    haha. I remember that! Funny, funny glitchen.

  4. The Cat Face

    remembered this must be (like bored no more said, but Yoda)

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  5. Mal'akh

    LOL. I remember that! I am midway through the first page. :D

  6. !$Harrump$!

    Reading this has made me miss Glitch so much.. You guys are simply amazing and hilarious too!!

  7. Kaepora

    I loved this thread, thanks for the reminder! :D

  8. Chazerei

    Oh. My. Giants - I missed this the first time around - thank you so much for posting about it! (still laughing)

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Status update

Truly great!

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