Status update
Twinkle Star

Stoot, I just wanted to let you know that this game became entwined in my boyfriend and I's hearts. I introduced him to the game a few months ago and we often times played snuggled next to each other. On his first day in Ur, before he knew what anything was or did or was worth, he found a yellow crumb flower and gave it to me, telling me he loved me. I placed it on a table in my house, and it stayed there until the very end. I passed by it and glanced over at him as we were waiting for the countdown to server close. My only regret in this game is that I could never take it with me. There it will stay in my house forever, the token of love I so deeply cherished over all my Urthly possessions. The single yellow crumb flower that I would never dream of selling. Thank you for everything.

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