Status update
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  1. Djabriil

    LOL I probably won't see mine till March. I didn't order it till the very last day of the game (wanted to find that perfect picture, after all).

  2. Squiggle-Squee

    So cool! I got an email that my prints are on their way. I can't wait till they get here!

  3. Ayasta

    YAY! Can't wait for mine to get here! A dear friend of mine ordered me one and I just can't wait until I get it in my hands to squee about it.

  4. kastlin

    That looks terrific! I love that it's your home street with your butler. I didn't order a pouch, but I DID order two butlers and an emo-bear from Bupy. They shipped on Friday, so I'm eagerly awaiting the mail until they arrive! I'll post snaps when they get here!

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Status update
Hen vla Ham

Yay!! Looks awesome!

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