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Grigori Tesla

In reference to the Feb. 12th discussions, I do believe in my black cold economist heart that with a different approach to recruitment, it could have been a success. The true problem was that advertising was never likely to work in this case, only grassroots organization would have been effective, as that was the exact mechanism that the game saw success with. Sure, there were feats, but aside from that the most successful things in the game involved motivated players doing organizing. The concept was never applied to recruitment or the call for recruitment, which never happened outside of a feat. In the end, things were handled in the most gracious manner ever seen and that part of the experience of death should be remembered as the way to do such a thing. However, an earlier notice of how much trouble the game was in and what was needed before it fell so woefully far behind would have changed a lot.

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Status update

That all has a ring of truth to it. I wish we could have at least tried to help the situation. I think, honestly, they underestimated the impact of the game and the love we had for it. They just didn't know what they really had until it was too late.

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