Status update
Dahlia DreadNaught

Captain's Log: Stardate 1302.4, destination: Real Life, again. Exiting the Uralian world for the last time today. Will not come this way again...there is so much more to explore out there, I fear by circling around and around in this desolate galaxy, we will stagnate and eventually atrophy. So, I bid a fond farewell to all and sundry who wish to remain behind, but I venture forth, seeking out new life and new boldly go where no Glitchen has gone before...[cue operatic singing, fade to black]

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4 replies
  1. Brib Annie

    Smooth sailing Dahlia! may you make many discoveries and once again find a friendly planet to call Home for a while. It was Good to be here with you.

  2. Hab

    Fare thee well, Dahlia! I cannot leave until the last star burns out, and takes my broken heart with it. But I admire your courage and as BA said, may you find a home. So strange to be making friends after the end of the world, but then, well I guess tragedy always brings people together.

  3. Minkey

    oh, farewell familiar name...I didn't know you in game but maybe in real life somewhere one day. plus, you said "sundry"...happy to read that word. I do wonder if I'll ever know if your gigantic eyeballs look larger or smaller with the goggles on? :) Good Journey!!

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