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Even if glitch opens up again, we'll lose way more than a handful of glitchens who have deleted their accounts and moved on, or just abandoned their account, walked out the door and didn't look back. Its sad to know that glitch will never be the same again if it opens back up. And I wanted to say, even if I was an 'illegal player,' I enjoyed glitch and will miss it as much as any legal player will. I'm not your average 12 year old, I think differently. There's something about me that separates me from other teenagers my age, I could never specify what it was. Sure, I could make friends fine, but I always had a feeling that people looked at me differently...never found out what it was that marked me different. And I don't care, I'm proud of it. Love ya, glitch.

6 replies

6 replies
  1. Ann DramaDuh

    That difference is: being wise beyond your years.

  2. Kestin

    stop it stop it everything will be JUST the way it was you'll see you'll see

  3. Mal'akh

    Hmm... Maybe it will be different, but I think it will still be good.

  4. Akane Tuna

    You are awesome and smart. Age does not matter to me.

  5. Kayaka Violin

    I know a couple 'illegal' players, and they were more mature than some of the players who were very high above the age limit. Age isn't the difference, it's a mixture of maturity and personality.

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Status update
Akane Tuna

You are awesome and smart. Age does not matter to me.

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