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Little Poundcake

Did you guys see all of the new "lost" artifacts we added to the Encyclopedia? If only we'd gotten the opportunity to wear Twenty-Nine Pointed Hats while clipping our toenails with Ornate Toenail Clippers!

7 replies

7 replies
  1. Osiris χ

    I just want a Heart-Shaped Block of Lead. Because that's how my heart feels :(

  2. GreyGoose

    Oh the adventures we could have had learning about and puzzling out and searching out the artifacts from the days of the giants. sigh.

  3. caley dunn

    i looked by accident, really, really, fast, before the game closed, because lingering would have broken my heart.

  4. kastlin

    I'd like a Ball of String and a U.S. Bee Key, please. I presume the key will re-open the game, and I could use the string to mark the path for the other glitchen. :-D

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Status update
Caterpillar Grrrl

Whine! I wanted caterpillar trousers!

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