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Lone Druid

Some days, I remember what we've lost, and it hits me like a truck. My fellow Glitcheem-in-exile, I think you can all agree with this sentiment. Loss is such a painful thing. Knowing that I shall nevermore come home to a happy global chat. Knowing there shall be no new exciting skills I've learned whilst I slumbered. Missing all the "Woohoo!"s, the familiar chimes, and that elusive "Level Up!" cheer. I miss Glitch. We all miss Glitch. There remains a Glitch shaped hole in my heart. I mourn its demise as I mourn the demise of a close friend. Overly dramatic? Perhaps. But, unlike other games, I didn't turn to Glitch for escapism. I turned to it for community. It was a place where I knew that what I was doing had merit. Where people appreciated that which I put into the world. I miss Glitch. And I always shall. But (a term that means Behold the Underlying Truth), that being said, I shall still preach a message of positive feelings. In the loss of Glitch, I have fully embraced society as my canvas, determined to bring the good I have seen in Glitch to real life. I stride with new purpose and resolution: To make society better with the tenants of charity, generosity, and kindness. For that, in truth, is what made Glitch great. It was a world of joy, lacking in snark and cynicism, and full of positive encouragement. And I am happy to report that, in my endeavors, I have found love, acceptance, and many friends. I have actually touched the lives of people, providing help, and in rare cases, salvation. And so, my gentle Glitcheem, my message is this: Keep the Glitch way... go into the world with a happy, carefree heart... it will be like Ur never left. Blessed be your days.

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4 replies
  1. El Anor

    Behold the Underlying Truth! Brilliant :)

  2. pintoflan

    But then, Ur never did leave, did it? It was and is a dream that all the Glitchen (pinto hopes~) still share, not as bright, not as colorful, yet even more real~ We're here after all~ And now, may pinto have a hug, Mister Druid? Pwease? ^^~

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Status update

this is beautiful. <3

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