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Voluptua Sneezelips

Memory lane. This took place between beta tests last year, before game launch, and is a great example of how we made friends while the game wasn't even open.

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11 replies
  1. SeerQueen

    Ahahaha, that is a brilliant thread. Thank you.

  2. The Cat Face

    You said "If you can't take the cheese, get out the Glitchen!" :)

  3. Ayasta

    Man, i wish i'd been here for that. It's fantastic!

  4. Fernstream

    That's perfect. Thanks for sharing:) I wish I could have been there. Also, this: is a reply that gave me a sad.

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  5. Shmoopie Kerfuffle

    Fantastically entertaining. These are the people I want to play games with...hope we all end up together somewhere else!!!

  6. harriette

    wow! just wow. I wanted to comment, of course, but the thread seems to be ... closed due to lack of comments for 30 days :( ty tho

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  7. Minkey

    awww, now I miss this Urld even more! This one got me, although all the comments are what really made this game what it was.: *sigh* @Djabriil - I had no idea that you and clothespins were at odds with one another. Please accept my apology. However, cheese has done nothing to you.... Does milk offend you as well? How 'bout butter? Posted 16 months ago by CoffeeSnob

  8. Princess Fi

    Dearest Voluptua, OMG! I can't thank you enough for sharing this thread. I am aghast that I never saw it at the time! By virtue of it's sheer genius and inanity and serious funniness, I have been compelled to copy all 5 pages into a file for future reference and possible distribution to Glitchen that might find the need to tickle their singularly silly Glitch funnybone one day.

  9. jasbo

    Heee. I'd forgotten about that one. A bright shiny walloping to anyone who can guess who it was that I was imitating when I came into that thread.

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Status update

Ahahaha, that is a brilliant thread. Thank you.

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