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Scarlett Bearsdale

Glitchmas is coming, the hens are getting fat, please put a currant in an old glitch's hat. If you haven't got a currant, a piece of grain will do; if you haven't got grain then Giants Bless You!

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10 replies
  1. Ayasta

    Indeed! We need some kind of Ugly Glitchmas Sweater competition too, there's a few contenders in the wardrobe (I DARE some of you to change your shirts/jackets to them!). Happy Glitchmas to you ScarBear!

  2. acro, obviously

    The Muppets do my most favoritist rendition of this song. Must go pull out the CD now! <3

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Status update
Cleric Wens

Encore! Encore!! *claps loudly*

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