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  1. Jus​tin

    I can... and I'm not even a part of that group.

  2. Palindrome

    Ha, the Outlaws of Ur! -remembers those wanted dead or alive things-

  3. Fernstream

    I can. I'm not and never was in the group, and I can't comment, but I can read... I remember I came across that thread. Reading it as a semi-newbie... It's things like this that formed my impression of Glitch. <3 needless to say it was the best impression anything could ever make.

  4. Ancale

    haha hilarious! I remember reading this before and I do agree wholeheartedly. That was one of the reasons I never owned a gnome. :D

  5. Leïla

    I can acces the thread too, it brings back "hilarious" memories lol

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