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Sini Shake | Locations | Glitch

Sini Shake

Region: Tamila


An Animal Goods Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Alph., and Plus 1 Fruit Tree.

Unlocked by

mishu Joe Blow Piece of Serenity and 92 others

This location was unlocked 590 days ago.


Bye friends :) <3
I made something to remember Glitch by. You can see it at http://www.glitch.com/forum/general/29379/. Please show all of your friends so that they can remember too!
Hey Hanjuna!
One of my best friends introuced me to this game a few months ago.

I had the most mind-blowing experience. And now I have read your note.

And I know how you feel, dude. I absolutely know how you feel.
A lost Glitchmas
This is where I used to live.
And I used to decorate my quarter the same way on Glitchmas.
So I decided to make a last Glitchmas decoration on Sini Shake.

I will miss you, Ur. And all you glitchens.
<3 Ancale
Bye Glitch
Even though nobody may see this, I thought it was appropriate to leave my farewell note on this street--when I first began playing Glitch, this is where I bought my first house.

Jujina (another Glitch player) introduced me to the game and I honestly didn't have any idea how much I would love it. I loved visiting all the streets, finding special hiding places, and seeing all the crazy things the creators came up with.

I have read so many beautiful goodbye notes tonight, and I feel very sad that it's ending but happy to be a part of it. I never understood how people became so attached and involved in an online community until I started playing this game.

I know there are a lot of goodbye notes, so if you are taking the time to read this, thank you so much.

Goodbye Glitch, you won't be forgotten.
Merry glitchmas!
MERRY GLITCHMAS!!!!!! I hope your days will be jolly and may the giants watch over you! Love it 'til the end!!!!
Why am I still here? I skipped the end of the world?