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Slippery Climb

Region: Drifa


An Animal Goods Vendor., and A shrine dedicated to Humbaba.


So this is it.

It's really the end.

Funny how so many of us came here to leave notes, in the cold upper reaches of this world.

Goodbye Ur.
The End
You're not the only one. The fartherest reaches of Ur.
The reaching out one
I often dreamed of travelling to the far distant reaches of the world to seek those who have gone before me.

I leave my hand here, reaching out across the wilderness.
These fragments I have shored...
...against my ruins.My name was Scoresby. I lived and worked under the Cebarkul sun, a spice merchant turned servant turned private detective turned wanderer. On the day the world ended I journeyed north, to beyond the Giants' wildest dreams, to beat back the darkness of the Rook from even the corners of their waking minds.Remember me.
never ever ever ever never never ever
Further in and further up!
This is only the beginning of an even greater adventure.