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Luminous Night | Locations | Glitch

Luminous Night

Region: Drifa


A Hardware Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Cosma., and Plus 13 Ice Nubbins, and 2 Bubble Trees.


A note!
Just the Beginning
It's the beginning, my friends. The beginning of a bold new adventure! May we find each other and others like us out in the world of air and grime and flesh.

In fact, hello! This world was real, and we can still be real, even more real to each other.

Here's my beginning, my toast with a Cosma-politan, to new friends and new adventures: if you should need a friendly stranger, I'm jf.sycamore on gmail. If you don't, that's okay too, a whim is strong enough for contact. Like the imaginings of the giants, we can be connected or separate, together or apart, but we share the same world and can see the same beauty. Look up and around.

It's okay to be scared. It's okay to be sad. But remember: it's also okay to be happy, to be okay, to be at peace.

Farewell, and hello, my fellow Glitchen. May your days bring you joy, in this world and the other.
My last note
This note will dissapear with the world it was written in, but I want to write it anyway... Thank you Tiny Speck for making this game and thank you fellow Glitches for playing it! May the waking world match the beauty of our collective dream.
A note!
my internet times out before this all goes away; i love all of you. thank you.