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Curving Clusters

Region: Drifa


A Kitchen Tools Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Pot., and Plus 11 Ice Nubbins, 1 Bean Tree, and 2 Bubble Trees.


Britt_39's Herbal Apothecary Buisness
Craving the rewards? Can't stand the prices of auctions? Too long for herbs to grow? We are here to help sustain your craving! With low prices and affordable delivery options, you won't break the bank!

Herbs available:
- Rubeweed- 6c- Temp. unavailable
- Gandlevery- 7c
- Silvertounge- 7c
- Yellow Crumb- 8c
- Hairballs- 5c
- Rookswort- 7c

For those who don't know the effects of these herbes you can find all the info from the Encyclopedia. I am not entering Purple Flowers into my buisness, if you do crave the Purple Buzz please get in touch with VickyAlice139 via. my friends list.

I can deliver to your mailbox, charges stand at 20c Standard and 100c Express. We also have atrade option avaliable.

Ordering & Payment-
Ordering can be made by one of the following 3 options with the type, quantity and the correct payment (Please include delivery costs).
- Messaging my user in-game.
- Sending a message through the mail.
- Ordering through our 'Herbal Apothecary Buisness' group.