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You're viewing some of nearly 200 "Quick Ideas" Keita Takahashi produced for the MMO Glitch. Have fun!

Quick Idea #180

Your butler tell me when other player came to your street. It's good.
and you can remote control of butler by z or j keys. It's good.

So, I might be able to speak with player who came to home street via butler! I thought.
I inputted, "hello ny, thank you for coming."
And then, butler said, "you're welcome."

It was different with my thought.

So, can you speak with player who visited home street via butler?
I think it will be funny experience for visitor.

Quick Idea #181

Some ideas of tower.
I want to go up to roof of tower. because it's High!!

Also I'm not sure why tower can't transform into robot.

It looks so cool:) also it will works as a second butler.

Also also, can you make a special floor which doing arrangement of furniture totally randomly? It will change at every your visit.

Quick Idea #182

Quick idea for stamp.

For example, there are 11 "Hi" stamps.
A different stamp is given to player randomly on each new day.

You can put a your stamp everywhere. and it will disappear in 1 or 2 sec if anyone didn't touch to it.

You will be able to get something rewards if you got other player's stamp.

And, it would be great if the stamp going up to sky. Because I think it encourage more jump or action to players.

If there are players who have same stamp,

that stamp will get bigger.

Also rewards will get bigger than regular one.
However it will needs element of stamp going up to sky.....

Quick Idea #183

Quick idea about projects.

Gathering a lot of ingredients or materials is not bad.
But I want to add elements of fun or random into it. Because I think it needs it.

So, how about this? you can choose the material and numbers of required by slot machine.
It would be happy if you got number 0, or material you can make easy.
It's fun if it's required a banana when you build the tower.

Quick Idea #184

Suggestion about dinosaur amusement subway system.

That is new subway station.

But there is not train. you have to walk through inside of dinosaur.

You know dinosaur eat everything. So you can find various levels inside of the dinosaur's body.

Finally you can see the central of dinosaur subway system.
There are some dinosaur's ass and you can go to other place from here.

I think new design is elegant than old one:)

so subway map will be like that.

Quick Idea #185

Can you build your statue at your street by using most biggest sprite sheet?


That is an island of feat.

You can see the statues of hero of the feat in island of feat.
it will change each time of feat.