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You're viewing some of nearly 200 "Quick Ideas" Keita Takahashi produced for the MMO Glitch. Have fun!

Quick Idea #11

I want to play more wider screen.

Hiding the chat area, spread a screen.
You can see chat area if you click tab or you got message.

Redesigning the chat area, to fit wide screen.
it is better that chat area is slightly small, slightly transparence and it separate from screen frame.

Quick Idea #12

I want to climb down from a high place by enter a down key.
There might be problem about collision or any more.
However I thinks the Game of Crown be more fun by this element.

Quick Idea #13

This recipe got from Glitch.

Food is popping up.

feeeeeeeeeed! ( just touch piggy)

The player who has most points is win.

Quick Idea #14

Because they have balloon. i think they are just a little flying.

Quick Idea #15

You can see this idea already in Ruth's player idea yammer.
However I posted too. Because I also had thought it. Perhaps everyone thought it.:)

Putting a picture frame in each player house.
the picture can post via iPhone/android app and PC.
it will helps remind actual world and it provide topic when friends player came to your house.
Also it can slide a picture like a digital picture frame.

Quick Idea #16

Concept of step sequencer.
This version is very very common style.

The block shines if you did jump.
Also you can listen the sound from shining block.
The block does not shine while walking, and you can not listen sound.

if you press the spacebar while avatar is jumping, the shining block is put on there.

you can put shining block like a shape of fireworks by cooperate with other player.
Press the spacebar just at that moment when each players touched.

This is reason for common style.
There are som crabs who love music.

The crab move from left to right ( or from right to left) with good tempo.

You can listen to sound by jump and crab.
the sound by Jump is short term.
the sound by crab is long term.

There are some music crabs in sequencer location.
They have each territory and moving in there.
The territory is like a music layer.
Therefore it is better that the crabs move same timing. Also you can change the tempo in each territory.

There are many shapes of blocks.
it is different sound/tone/key by each shapes.

Quick Idea #17

i am disappointed sometimes when i arrived at dead end.

Therefore I want to put a random hole at blind alley.
It is hole which you can go to other locations at random.
you can go to other location from blind alley if you jumped into hole.

it is no longer dead-end.

Quick Idea #18

This quick idea is tribute for simon.
Simon's wikipage. -> [1]

We are angels who has ring of simon and Mr. Rock is God of simon.

You will up if you did correct play.
You will stay if you didn't correct play. In short, you can play continue also if you didn't correct play.

An angel who reached the highest position is the winner.
Two points away from second place player.

This game will close at low position if every player are not well.

Quick Idea #19


Put a leaderboards in location as kind of new Mountain.
Player can climb up this mountain and can see their ranking.

Biggest feature of Mt.LEADERBOARDS is growing higher with increased to number of player.
it might be able to called social mountain. And it's better that be way to go to moon or other planets.

Quick Idea #20

I can see many great game ideas on Yammer. i think we need more ideas.
At the same time, we should consider how do we lead player to entrance of game.
Because i think the accessibility for join to game is not good much.
Of course, i like teleport machine, but it is hard to find.

So, this is quick idea.
How do you think about adding game tab?

you can see information of games.

it might be too systematic.
but we should to add something like a notification system about games.