Kristen Marie's Snaps

Story time?
10 paces then the duel can begin...
When drunk, I demand piggy back rides from fellow partiers.
their ghosts are staring at each other...
Now Havok's head is a disco ball!
My head is a disco ball!
Heh... snapped fast enough that it looks like the stuff is floating!
Giant PBMSers hanging out with a teeny one.
Um, wat.
did you really have to get so close to me to say that, rube?
Havok is standing on my head. WHAT?!
apparently the soda can is where sad people stand...
It's mellllltinnnnggggg.....
I just want to hug all of them!
love is in the air...
I don't know who he's cleaning that glass for.
Mr. Gubbins really likes the butterflies
The Octopus is here too!
Mr Gubbins is laughing in the background because they forgot the...
Does anyone else contemplate the Octopus Fountains as often as I do?
Did the dirt piles get bigger? or did I get smaller?
I trapped my cubis in sudv's cage... they appear to have ethereal...
Innie and I share a moment in an old Alakol home...
a pact for our own safety.
This backyard is nothing but a giant fire hazard!
Animals on parade.
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