Kristen Marie's Snaps

I suppose maybe I should have been afraid...
I met Marcel Jones!
You seem extra concerned about exacting revenge, Mr. Sleepypants...
... we started a trend while only sort of trying.
Another one joins the crowd of wall starers...
What ARE we watching, anyway?
We are growing in number!
Awww the luck yeti is all tired out. Cute!
Blair witching it over here in the old Alakol Model Home...
Celebrating the sparkly?
Remembering a dear friend. We love you!
I see you judging me Helga - YOU DON'T KNOW ME.
You can't make me, sudv! You're not even here!
Chicks man, I tell ya...
Duly Noted. DULY. NOTED. DULY.
I want a home street that looks like this...
Quit looking at my chest! ;)
What is this magic?
Oh you know, just mining... like you do.
Several things in this photo would be cool for home decorations -...
Maybe sitting the bear in the bar was a bad idea...
Yea, we cool. Or something.
It seems we come to the moon to fall asleep.
PBMS party is STILL GOING, if you can believe it. Come back!
The rock is bored of watching people on my street?
I'm leaving that meat there to see if the cops can get a print...
They've blocked the exit!
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