Finley Linker's Snaps

Bring your children to work day
three some! joining in on the action :)
Um...didn't know you could do it there
There totally should be a glitch fairy tale book!
getting hit on by a rock
i could totally beat you up in a second!
trying to find uses for the dither setting
oooh i found a ghost in hell! like in the backdrop :)
Chocolate Bunny street! :D (this one has more than the last snap)
I was getting lonely so...
Don't trust your emo bears!
A home that's not for sale?
Rocky's feelin Blue :(
wasn't me... :)
and that's my bedroom with my pet piggy and my trapped juju :)
finally finished decorating :) I need to clean up the food area a...
Still needs work and tons of expansions and another floor, but my...
ix fruit! Look, there's an apple, a pear, and an apple! And see...
My yucky house :P
don't mind me
hmmm might go back to my old look. The nekked look just doesn't...
world's longest piggy cubi :)
i think we should all decorate graves when we see them! :D
testing the chilliwack filter :) by taking glitch photography :)