RainyRain's Snaps

firefly vigil
If THIS isn't beautiful fox brushing country... then NOTHing is!...
Gaze into your future... ohmmmmmm
beer here
Secret hide-out! hope mom doesn't catch me ....
i want in! *grabs shovel*
teeny tiny flying glitch!
head stand?
don't wake a sleeping giant!
some pretty amazing herd keeping skills :)
I can see Cosma from up here!
are those ghostly glitcheren going to make a sacrafice in the fire?
back to normal
shelves now gone.. levitation!
hover bug
In the mouth of the Naga
Happy Croppa Day!
Be One with the Onion
New home Thus far
Moving day
new home!
no longer my home... HUG
in a tree
Glitchymas :)
To Cosma with love
gardens fixed... i'll drink to that!
If Cosma was one of us
i heart cosma
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