Codex's Snaps

Ha evil-bartender! In your face!
Muahaha. MUAHAHA!!
My first sloth sighting :)
Rainbows on Trains! You can see my foot way wayyyy up high
riding the subway
Mass Suicide Day - the horror..the horror...
Hell is other so true.. Uncle Friendly's evil twin...
Welcome to Hell Bar
R2 /home: the west wing: the study, the bedroom, the music area...
R2 /home - east wing: spacious!
R2 home exterior
R2 garden: I don't ever need to leave my home ever again!
/home away from home 2.0
Hell is the only place in which my Glitch's skin looks alive
Welcome to Taco-Hell
Hell money
photo bombing nature
In the front yard
Best home ever: 4479 Stora Rede Quarter in Alakol, Ur.
Best home with an ocean view ever: 4479 Stora Rede Quarter in...
Meal vendor, how I love thee
/home away from home 1.0