Adar's Snaps

I just wanted a wee little nibble!
Ooo! I got to take my picture with a famous dude!
I'm on a quest of porcine proportions! And I'm using the piggy...
Rooky night!
He's likin' it more'n me.
New duds and new spaces... feels like Glitch is goin' places!
A wee little hitchhiker!
I just got my teleportation quests done thanks to Tzi, Anathema...
group mining!
Mining for Cosma!
Busta-move bot.
Looks shady to me!
I finally made it into Ayala Bliss, via someone else's camera. So...
How did those pigs get up there??? I had no idea they could do that!
Actually, that sounds about right.
Ain't that the truth. If only it were easy to grow a third arm.
Love this.
I know I said it before... but SO pretty!
I want to live on THIS street!
I'm underwater! Or under... something?
This makes me feel a teeny tiny bit better about my messy house.
Kind of like those Demotivator posters... except they're...
Um... dark?
Yikes! So fast!
Ooo! Just getting to the new quest now!
Snow carrots!
Nice digs!