Tibbi's Snaps

So beautiful.
No "TIE" here. No one be a suit
The zombie likes this one!
"TEE" hee. :)
Feeling very wise and creative now, being all "TED"
So "RED" now, and a little "O" on the side.
We be so "EMO" here
No one can see the scary zombie. Brains... nom...nom...
No sure if this is the best place for a zombine in October.
Slow loading equals disappeared house. :)
jumping around like scary superheroes
Scary Zombies collecting Crazy Quions for a Feat
All the dolls at Ted's level 60 house party. The zombie is...
Party at Ted's!
Zombie riding a butterfly
Rook Attack, Stunning Attack Back
Feels like home. A zombie could be happy here.
Real scary looking tower I got for October. Boo!!!!
House and Street Dressed up for October's spookiness
Ancient Zombie seeks Victim. Apply within.
So many secrets, so little time.
It's my old friend, the littlest robot. Hi little robot.
Another new adventure quest
Oooo, an adventure!
Hanging out under the cliff. Meditating for the Quest
Mass Meditating for the Quest. Fun Times!
You can't see me. :)
No dirt left. So sad.
My tower is so pretty now