Apolline's Snaps

Partying on the moon and doing silly stuff.
Love this place!
I won't forget you, pink flamingo!
Thanks for the great memories!
It's a party!
Too lovely for words.
(Basement Seam) Amberlyza. whee! new one! only one left now.
Dear TS people, love, Apo.
Final version of my house. \o/
Would have loved this as a home street.
I could never find some when I needed to for a quest and I've...
(Basement Seam) Griinolyza. First time here I think.
This is incredible.
Falling into the sky...
Look at that happy kitty face. XD
Like what they did here.
Saying goodbye to Glitch, bit by bit...
Crappy jumper but I'll still miss the puzzles. *sighs*
Adorable bot in a box.
Complete! *strikes one on bucket list* I have very little money...
"Feel free to stay a while." Wish I could... T_T
I sold all my artifact pieces to buy cubimals and furniture. I'm...
Did a lot of shopping today...
We love you, TS. We love you, Glitch.
(Basement Seam) Piryan. Only missing two I think.
Redoing Home Street and backyard. It's coming along pretty well,...
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