Apolline's Snaps

My favorite.
Wow. Uncomfortable surely ^_^
Help! I'm stuck! (Not kidding)
Everybody having fun in Asslandia. I dressed appropriately....
Winter's Walk is a bit broken.
I had almost forgotten how beautiful the music was in this version.
No mess! Well if you don't look at the attic...
Look at that view!
Mandatory souvenir picture...
I like to think she's the half-forgotten glitch I talked to on...
(Basement Seam) Blooian. Had forgotten that one. I don't like it...
First time I've seen a patch which wasn't on a home street.
Poop Kingdom...
O_o Never had the guitar riff and the ah yeah at the end of sky...
XD Well done, well done!
What a gorgeous place to die in.
Seriously, TS? My little heart can't handle it. *sighs* *chinhands*
I love this. Thanks again TS!
I'm in love already.
Favorite ticket ever. I think I would play even if we didn't get...
Remembering the half-forgotten glitch. This is pretty sad.
Wish I was there...
Favorite place in Jal.
I wanna go down! XD