Lady Melisandre's Snaps

How did she get there?!
Nekkidness is an sexy artform
Last new day, so sad
I just shot out of this thing's butt. What is it, anyway?
This place is incredible
Glitchen have gone mad, dumping the contents of their souls in...
What the frak! I don't know what this is but it is awesome
Floor 7 - The Balboa Bay Club
Floor 6 - Getting High in the Sky (this is the part that isn't...
Floor 5 - The Periodic Room of Food
Floor 4 - Battletower Galactica
Floor 3 - The Enchanted Forest
Floor 2 - The Seamaid's Palace
Floor 1 - The Bog Log Bar
Taking the last snaps of the now 98% done tower. Floor 0 - The...
Mindor dangles from my chandelier
Hanging with the guildies :)
Stricken by grief, Melisandre lashes out against the law and...
One of the floors of the Guild Tower - the way it was meant to...
Mogra sammich
The Guild Tower - floor 1!
They changed the color of the small dark wood cabinet. WHY?!!!?
Guild Hall has been vandalized with shiny objects
Some sort of sick party happened while I was gone. Who mixes...
We had a wild night.
For Kaletem, mountain resembles vicious dog.
The best part of the third floor AKA The Guild Guild Hall...
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