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"Wait for me!"
No day was crazier in the end times of Ur than the Final Day: the...
The Forehorseman warns of the coming end of Ur
The Forehorseman, warning of the nigh end of Ur
The prophesied "Forehorseman"!
"One of these things is not like the other, one of these...
Me n' Helikitty have had a long day.
Piggies are standing watch over sleeping Helikitty :)
Aww! Helikitty's all tuckered out. Shh! :)
Helikitty napping...shhh! :)
What's out there?
Reminds me of The Scorceror's Apprentice in Fantasia--I think the...
You're "très" welcome! xD
Hmmm...that's a tough one...
Another peck on the cheek! Someone likes Singing Butler! ;)
The rook is defeated!
:O When Lem gets excited he curses like a sailor.
I have a very sparkly personality!
"Bizarro Ur"??!
Remember the Seinfeld ep. w/the Alternate Universe,...
These Nubbins are Chill, yo'! :D
Nottis Rhymes ;)
Is that a smile?! Oh, Uncle Friendly, how I'll miss you!
Singing Head, stuck in the bellows of Symphonius Maximus! Have I...
Who would DO such a thing??! The HORROR!!!
Oh, the crab-anity!
Classic. :D
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