SingingHead's Snaps

A "Peck" on the Cheek!
HAH! It IS the Exorcist Street Spirit! Wait a minute...Street...
AHHH!!! It's the Exorcist Street Spirit!
Trees, so like us.
Someone didn't love Paper Tree enough in his sprouting.
Paper poetry
A Loving Gaze: me and Crab on Hechey Track
but how did they get up there??
Crabby, running toward me with open arms!
doing the hora
Yup, that's a uvula.
Beam Me Down
From here, that General Fabric looks like rib bones!
"N" is for Nap
"R" you ready for an adventure, little Glitch?!
"I always feel like somebody's watching me"
X-Raying the Beast
Duodenal Browns...this doesn't sound good
Party Time!
I see you!
Crikey! Here we spot a wild sloth in his habitat, descending ever...
Quick! Take the picture!
Ordering Fried Chicken...eying the Subway Map, of course!
Imagination Halo...brilliant!
Imagination Halo...brilliant!
Hold it in your heart...Never forget.....
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