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State Filesize Dimensions Frame Dimensions # of Frames Loops
attract 543.2 KB 945x2300 189x230 50 no
idle_stand 820.37 KB 3969x3910 189x230 357 yes, from frame 8
idle_stand 123.72 KB 945x1150 189x230 25 yes, from frame 8
talk 237.24 KB 945x1840 189x230 36 no
walk_left_end 194.74 KB 756x920 189x230 16 no
walk_left 262.44 KB 756x920 189x230 16 yes, from frame 8
walk_right_end 178.14 KB 945x690 189x230 14 no
walk_right 265.38 KB 756x920 189x230 16 yes, from frame 4
Image Dimensions Filesize
155x211 152.38 KB
318x422 396.92 KB
357x423 842.33 KB