Emotional Bear

Category: Other

  • Fits in a backpack slot


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State Filesize Dimensions Frame Dimensions # of Frames Loops
high_5 2.09 MB 4018x4008 574x501 56 no
high_5 1.13 MB 4018x1503 574x501 21 no
hug 4.12 MB 3960x4060 396x406 91 no
kiss 4.13 MB 4000x3672 500x408 69 no
moon 8.19 MB 3861x3861 351x351 121 no
moon 1.75 MB 2808x1053 351x351 24 no
rooked_halo 89.54 KB 992x184 124x46 30 yes
small_hug 324.18 KB 808x530 101x106 40 yes
small_kiss 433.26 KB 870x976 145x122 47 yes

Static Images

State Filesize Dimensions
1_kiss 5.18 KB 51x59
1_moon_kiss 5.29 KB 51x59
1_moon 5.27 KB 51x59
1_plain 5.16 KB 51x59
iconic_kiss 4.07 KB 39x48
iconic_moon_kiss 4.36 KB 42x48
iconic_moon 4.34 KB 42x48
iconic_plain 4.04 KB 39x48
iconic 4.04 KB 39x48
Image Dimensions Filesize
73x62 118.99 KB
145x122 308.77 KB
101x106 201.44 KB
124x46 61.84 KB
175x176 1.88 MB
351x351 6.07 MB
249x203 688.73 KB
498x406 1.93 MB
197x202 766.61 KB
279x243 697.46 KB