Downside Up

Region: Vortex of Random


Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don't make sense

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Take care all
My heart is broken, dont want lose here all, so much love my little glitch i gonna miss here all my friends and animal's :'(
Big thank you all who make my play awesome never cant forgot that wonderful time here :)
A lament
Whose woods these were
I thought I knew
but Robert had nothing on this shoed
a spot of rice, some curry paste
I'm cooking dinner and post-haste
I play the last of Glitch today
sad that soon it goes away

Om nom nom, the curry's good
but how I'll miss the backlit wood
So long.
I wish I'd taken the time to explore this gorgeous world more.

Best of luck to the developers!
Downside up
this is really what glitch is
downside up
so many strange things to see
and so many much stranger things to do
i wish i could stop this
but i can't
this was all just a glitch
a wonderful
A note!
One of the crazy places I am going to miss...
is it wrong that...
....i really wanna pet that piggy?
To the Glitch team
Thank you for bringing this beautiful world to life and sharing it with us. What a magical time we've had. There's no where else like it, and I doubt there will be anything quite like it again.
A note!
i guess this is my goodbye letter. im not very good at words, so forgive me if it doesnt sound quite right. like agustus waters once said, "my thoughts are stars i cannot fathom into constellations."

i wish it didnt have to be this way. i wish we had more time. i wish i had played more. but its too late for that. its all been said and done. this game is ending soon.

it was so wonderful. and so simple. pet the trees. message the butterflies. make good things grow. use imagination to make it all happen.

be kind.

say hi.

ill miss it a little, i guess you could say....a little too much, a little too often, and a little more each day.

but we're so lucky to have known something so hard to say goodbye to.

so goodbye, fellow glitchens. goodbye ur. goodbye giants. goodbye heli-kitties and egg plants and crabato juice.

and goodbye glitch.

it was real fun.
Ima cry
This is literally the best game I have ever found and I only got to experience this game for 20 days. Ima cry.
I still want to nibble that piggie!
This is the best version of the theme song ever!
Climb to the top
I highly recommend climbing to the top and jumping off. During the fall you see everything that was glitch.
And thanks for all the salmon.
I will really miss this game so much.
I am such a Crap Jumper
Not gonna lie, it took me ages to get up here.
the vast interstellar spaces
hurry up please, it hurts
A note!
Thank god for spinach!
Time to wake up...
...Goodbye, farewell, sayonara!
Valete! Zai jain! Adios!
Maybe we shall be dreamed again...

Nooooo I don't want this wonderful game ending... ssnniifff

Thank you again for this wonderful game! I wish i had more time to discover it entirely...but still, i'm proud to have been part of Ur !

See u soon i hope in another game!
Love u all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To both these notes :)
... Crap Jumper reporting for duty. It wasn't easy, but we managed it!

I felt I just -had- to come all the way up and see ALL the sights.

Crap Jumper as I am, I feel very very sad that this is one of the last challenges thrown in our way.
I don't want to leave.
I'll always be proud
Proud to have had the chance to enjoy this beautiful game, and proud to be one of many marvellous members of Ur.
Goodbye, Glitch. I won't forget you.
A metaphor
The Shiny above us is always in view, but never in reach.
And thats... the end of the line
this has been.. the greatest game of all time
thanks for all the fish tiny speck
and now all that is left to do i go to the reastraunt at the end of the universe
farewell everybody!
a memorial
is something i might write tomorrow- for today, i can only enjoy the last of the wonder, the dream, the surrealism, the beauty- and i know it will live on.
Thanks for all the fun, TS!
Thanks for everything ! TS!
I will never forget this game!
Goodbye glitch, i will love you long time
.hctilG ,uoy evol syawla lliw I
Who'd have thought...
...being part of a giants dream would be such joy?
A note!
Goodbye so soon
And isn't this a crime?
We know by now that time knows how to fly
So here's goodbye so soon
You'll find your separate way
With time so short I'll say so long
And go
So soon

You followed me, I followed you
We were like each other's shadows for a while
Now as you see, this game is through
So although it hurts, I'll try to smile
As I say

Goodbye so soon
And isn't it a shame?
We know by now that time knows how to fly
So here's goodbye so soon
We'll go our separate ways
With time so short I'll say so long
And go
So soon
A note!
I love you Glitch and I love you all.
A note!
Wow i love this place, thanks to TinySpeck for making this brilliant game, i hope u enjoyed making it as much as i enjoyed playing it.

Thanks x
Goodbye Glitch!
Thank you for all wonderfull time!
to everyone
who made glitch the amazing, friendly, safe place that it was:

thank you.
i'll never forget you.
memories live on
This is how I want to remember glitch - the people, the places, the genuine community, and the silliness :) Glitch will never be truly gone...
it's time to say goodnight to grondle, ur, and glitch... but there will always be another dream
A note
The giants will sleep again.

Goodbye to all
its so sad to see glitch close. but i have to say-thank you to everyone that helped with the production of glitch. and thanks to all the players. this is Jynx101 saying goodbye to all my fellow glitchen. farewell, and never forget the wonderful thing we call glitch.
who reach up here/
hello to you explorers. and goodbye to all. i shall miss you. if youre lucky enough, you may have read my other messages. if not, travel around the vortex and you shall see
The End at a World Inverted
I cannot end my life here nor from my heart let joy be taken
This was my home; I will not remember it as any different
Its passage scars my heart but does not break it
Too valued are the things that I have gained

Far and few between are precious places
Better to have shared in brief beauty than turn to stone
Light falls even within the deepest shadows

When all is said and done a world is only so wide as the mind that percieves it
It fades but its impression is left upon me

In its name I strive, and recreate.
Leaving my mark
Yeah, it's not a cat thing, it's a glitch thing...

This game has been a fantastic experience, thank you all for sharing it with me :)
oh, but
death (or waking up) is but the next great adventure.
So this is it, my friends.
It isn't fair...I had barely started to get into this game, and there are so many others who will never even get that much. We didn't have much time together, but what we did have...nothing can replace that. So here we'll wait, all of us across this beautiful land, together until the end. This is my note to you who stood here, who reached the top and the bottom of the world...goodbye, and thank you. May the Giants bless your journey.
Goodbye.... For now...
As I write this, the end isnear. 6 minutes to be exact. I wonder what will happen next. Maybe we shall see each other again. This I know not. But however, I shall miss you all. Goodbye to all, and farewell to all.
Forver Yours,