Abbasid River

Region: Vortex of Random


Game idea
When moving items between bags, the 'drop' sound should be played. At the least, there should be some audible notification.
Game idea
I would like to write over the 'new day', but I'm afraid it'll lose my text, so I'll just wait until tomorrow.
Game idea
It's hard to click around the super harvest rainbow, your own or others. I think I've already written this down though. You also can't click through sparkly...
What will happen?
When this world ends, what will happen to those who can't leave? The trees, the rocks, the animals?
everything is going to be all right.
If I were an old Glitch
I would drink the Essence of Purple
A note!
We will remember.
Behind the grief and sadness. Beyond the need for just a second more. Isn't there an arresting serenity when you know the end is coming? There's nothing quite like it, is there? Each moment is more profound and all things are beautiful. I have seen and learned much in my short time in this place. Maybe someday there will be another place like this...

One made by all the hearts and minds that were touched by the wonder and love all around.
A note!
I cannot believe it myself...but in a mere 10 minutes, before the game fades, I must leave, and not return...